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CATIA V5 Electrical Harness

Updated: Apr 10, 2021


Hey here is the simple concept to understand the market & growth of Electrical Harness job role

The ideal wiring harness is only as good as its wiring harness components and the operating conditions it is made for. Therefore, what kind of components to use in manufacturing the wiring harness, and how many, will be determined by the application as well as the environmental conditions that the product is intended for.


What Will Wire Harness be Used For?

Wiring harnesses are utilized in many industries to simplify the manufacture of a larger component. They are necessary in the manufacture of appliances, medical equipment, and electronic equipment. They are used in telecommunication equipment, various military, aviation, and aerospace applications, in the building of robotics, and can be found in every type of vehicle.

Depending on the design, a wire harness can have dozens of wires and dozens of different components consisting of multiple branches and ends, going in different directions with multiple terminations on each branch. The wiring harness functions by relaying, allocating, and directing information via electrical signals throughout the entire system. Once assembled, wiring harnesses allow for easy drop in installation and product kitting.


ECAD -MCAD Integration

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